I’m on a Cary Grant kick


Over the past week, I’ve watched two Cary Grant films that I had never seen before: To Catch a Thief and Arsenic and Old Lace. I didn’t intend to have such a Cary Grant-themed week — but after watching one (and remembering how much I loved North by Northwest and Charade and Vertigo), it got me researching…and off to the video store I went.

to-catch-a-thief-grace-kelly-and-cary-grant to-catch-a-thief

I actually watched To Catch a Thief at the Rubin Museum. (If you haven’t checked out their film series, you should. It’s super cool to sip cocktails and eat popcorn while you’re surrounded by Tibetan art.) Sure, Cary Grant can be hard to focus on when he’s standing beside Grace Kelly and her beautiful clothes, but he is equally gorgeous and funny and suave. I totally get the George Clooney comparisons after seeing this film.


Next up, Arsenic and Old Lace. This one I rented at the video store — it is quirky and bizarre and black and white, but pretty hilarious in it’s absurdity. Totally worth a watch to see a disheveled, but still dashing Grant as he tries to work his way out of a jam. (Also of note: The geographic layout of Brooklyn re-imagined on a sound stage is crazy.)

Truthfully, a Cary Grant marathon with all five films doesn’t sound like a bad idea.

Do you have a favorite Cary Grant movie?

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