My Savannah plant bloomed!

IMG_8963You guys: I’ve spent the entire summer trying to get my Savannah plant (a gift from my mom after our trip to the South) to bloom. June went by. July went by. Nothing. Then, I learned about this awesome trick to prevent over-watering: Stick your finger one inch below the surface to find out if the dirt really is dried out.

Here’s the thing: A lot of times, it’s not. The dirt on the surface dries out super quick, but that doesn’t mean your plant is out of moisture. When you dig beneath the surface, that’s where you’ll discover your plant’s actual water levels.


As it turns out, I was over-watering for most of the summer. Now, my plant is in full bloom and I can’t stop snapping pics of it’s pretty pink.

Do you have a green thumb? Any tricks to share?

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